Starter Material for Bonsai – PLR Nursery Chennai

Provide all the necessary information on Bonsai cultivation in Chennai was our motto, and so our hunt begins… As a part of our hunt, we tried tracking for sources that would be able to supply a ready mixed soil, blended with all the ingredients in right proportion and ready to use for Bonsai cultivation in. Through couple of sources and with the power of Google we landed on a potential source – another Bonsai passionate in Chennai.

With minimum information in hand, we started to Padappai to know more about the quality of the ready made soil mixture. It wasn’t difficult for us to track the directions but to drive on naturally left terrains. After being ragged by the roads and hot sun, it was totally a different experience when we entered PLR nursery owned by Mr. Rajendra kumar potluri. We had absolutely no clue about this person. In fact we just had planned for 30 mins visit to the nursery, but ended up spending our entire day.

PLR nursery stormed us from the entrance. It was totally a different world highly dominated by Greeneries with Traditional farmhouse style building amidst a very refreshing view for us. PLR nursery is spread across 15 Acers with over 2000 varieties of plants. We also had the chance to meet Mr. Rajendra kumar potluri, a very informative and interesting person whose valuable informations made us to spend the entire day with him.

His Quote: “We are all civilized animals from wild, so don’t forget Mother Nature. “

Interview with Rajendra kumar potluri:
 Rajendran - PLR Nursery

In this digital era, what made you to enter into this business?
Though I’m mathematical graduate I always had an inclination towards my family’s nursery business. Gradually, the interest got stronger within me and when I realized it was my passion I had all the reasons to continue with my family business. I also did my diploma in interiors and exteriors which also complements the value of this business.

How old is your nursery? And what are the factors that make you proud about your business?
My nursery is 39 years old, it is our family business and it is one of the oldest nurseries in Chennai, spread across 15 acres with more than 2000 varieties of plants. We are also into exporting plants and landscaping. We are one of the proud exporters of fully grown palm tree to decorate the marathon race tracks of 2009 Olympics held at China.

What is you favorite style in Bonsai? What style would you suggest for beginners?
I like ‘cascade style’ but I would recommend ‘broom style’ for beginners, because Broom is the easiest and toughest style of Bonsai.

What wires do you suggest for Bonsai? Copper or Aluminum?
I would suggest aluminum because aluminum is cheaper and at the same time durable!

What will be the future of Bonsai in India?
Future will just be Bonsai! With the present phase of deforestation and proportional increase in pollution we will just be left with Bonsais at home. I really feel sad to say that we will not have place for trees.

What is you view on Bonsai as business?
Older the Bonsai more the value, in other words, unlike other Business if you don’t make a sale today in Bonsai business the value of your product will increase for tomorrow.

What Bonsai material will you suggest for beginners?
Of course, the globally available Ficus.

Who is your idol person for Bonsai?
John Naka – father of modern Bonsai.

Can you give us some tips on Bonsai Soil?
Summer – Use more red soil and less manure with moisture retaining materials.
Winter – Use more manure and less soil.

Ficus Bonsai

adensonia digitata

adensonia digitata

tamarandum indicum


8 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    Krishna said,

    Hello Sir

    I am interested on Bonsai trees and like to visit your PLR nursery. Please share the contact details.


  2. 2

    Dan said,

    It’s interesting to read about bonsai from all over the world. Also thanks for the useful tips on soil usage. May you have great success with your plants and business.

  3. 3

    julee said,

    It would be nice if you would kindly name the tree too.

  4. 4

    potluri rajendra kumar said,

    dear klrishana
    sorry 4 takaing a long time 4 the reply. Plz cal me at 9382660009 and my add is plr gardens , puspagiri road ,padappai post ,chennai 601301

  5. 5

    potluri rajendra kumar said,

    thank u

  6. 6

    potluri rajendra kumar said,

    hi julee
    it is up to us to know the tree that v like and love 2 have. I may like one u may like an other so u decide

  7. 7

    potluri rajendra kumar said,

    mr den
    reg the world over bonsai .it is very touf 2 get infron in a single door. Lot of r&d is required 4 it. Sorry 2 say these words.

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