Suseela Vergis – Bonsai Artist Chennai

  We were introduced to this bonsai passionate through Rajandharan of PLR nursery. We were invited to meet her, at her farm house on ECR road. Her farm house had a professional architectural touch right from the entrance. It was a graceful and peaceful place with her Bonsais adding more value and beauty the farm house. She has a deep love for Bonsai and though she has created few Bonsai master piece of her own she is still very egger explore and master this art.

Interview with susheela.

What got you into Bonsai art?
I’m a Botany student and did my masters in Horticulture. With that, I always have a deep love for plants and that got me into this tree art.

What bonsai means to you Bonsai?
It’s such a interactive hobby and it’s my own world of bonsai.

What is your first Bonsai material?
I started with ficus Benjamina and that material is now a beautiful bonsai and 35 years old.

Your master?
Jyothi and Nikunj Parekh are my inspirational masters.

What is your person goal/dream?
To make an ultimate and perfect Bonsai. I want to have 500 Bonsai trees in my farm and I don’t want to commercialize it.

About bonsai club?
Bodhi is Chennai Bonsai association functioning for couple of years. All interested Bonsai passionate can join the club. Clubs are very good medium for promoting this special art, it creates a good opportunity for Bonsai artists to get together share ideas and promote the art.

According what are do and don’ts for Bonsai?
Study the nature and replicate it as bonsai – study its style and implement it. Don’t force the plant to your style just groom it according to its nature. More importantly, don’t be cruel to the tree, please let it grow on its own.

What is the difference between Indian and Japanese Bonsais?
Training is different as the trees are different. What we do is a Indian version of Bonsai that supports our environment and climate.

According to you what is a good Bonsai and master piece?
A Bonsai that calibrates all the international spec and standards will be a master piece and all healthy Bonsai are good Bonsais. In other words, if you are happy with your Bonsai it is a good Bonsai. Bonsai reflects the personality of its master.

Who is your ideal person in the art of Bonsai?
peter chan – he is a great Bonsai master. His interaction with plants is tremendous. In less than 30 minutes he can make a excellent Bonsai from any raw Bonsai material.

If you have to give one important tip to beginners what will that be?
Please accept the tree to best of its nature as it has to be your lifelong friend. Learn the correct way to choose the Bonsai material – get the correct eye.

What are the common mistakes that beginners tend to make?
Without having the final shape in mind they tend cut the branches the wrong branches. My advice to the beginners would be “Think twice before you cut the branch, remember there is no remedy for this mistake.

Future of Bonsai?
I see more people attracted to this art. This art will definitely grow and expand.

How would you want to contribute to this art?
I will encourage the beginners. Interested people can contact me, I can guide them through their fears and doubts. I can also support them by taking care of their trees and shaping it for them.


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  1. 1

    suseela said,

    The pictures of bonsai above are from the exihibition of bonsai by Bodhi chennai in March 2010

  2. 2

    Molly said,

    Bodi Bonsai Association Chennai now has its own website.
    Please visit

  3. 3

    Mrs. G. Jeeanraj said,

    Dear Suseela,

    Saw your interview, and you are willing to help beginners. I am very kee to learn how to grow and maintain a Bonsai. Can you help and guide me.

    I live in Mogappair, behind the MMM hosp.

    Shall look forward for a mail from you.
    Thanks and Regards,

    Mrs. G. Jeevanraj .

  4. 5

    yuvarajan said,

    hello…..! mam, i am very much interested in art of growing bonsai and i wood like to visit PLR nursery. so i need the complete address……

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